Animals that are unbelievably awesome.

are you KIDDING that last picture is so full of ACTION and DRAMA why aren’t we talking about it

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It’s back.

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Gabriel Perez by Jimmy Backius.


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 Happy Halloween, everyone!


 Happy Halloween, everyone!


The Scooby-Doo Ghoul School girls as 1960s monster dolls. This is the result of listening to all the 50s/60s novelty Halloween songs on the Pandora Halloween Party station and combining that with the popularity of monster dolls today. 


My boyfriend (well now fiancé) proposed! We are waiting till he is finished with all his deployments before we actually get married but still HE ASKED!

He gave me a panic attack earlier in the day because he has decided to re-inlist on shore duty and I wasn’t sure how it was going to effect us so I was really upset. So he came and picked me up and said we were going for hot chocolate. He asked how I wanted him to propose “eventually” like did i want romantic of public and I said that it had to be something stupid and funny to match our relationship. He kept saying “SO what would you do if I had a ring in my pocket right now?” and I said “stop don’t tease me, you already told me that you aren’t ready.” “But what would you do?” “Ty stop I hate you! Dont tease me.” “BUTTTT SERIOUSLY what would you do if I had a ring in my pocket right now!?” “I WOULD CRY OKAY? SO STOP” All the sudden he pulled the car over and we were in front of the high school where we met and he reached in his pocket and said “So you would cry?” I’m already crying actually and I just kept saying “Oh my god, is this for real, oh my god” And he pulled the ring out “Will you marry me?” “Oh my god, I hate you, yes.” He was really nervous the entire time and panicked after and called his mom asking “What do I do now?!” haha it was so funny, so we went to his moms house and told her and then I was like did you ask my dad? And he panicked even more and called my house saying he was on his way over. When we walked in my dad just said “I knew as soon as the phone rang…. congrats” my mom was really happy. My brother came down said “congrats now keep it down cause I’m sleeping” lol. His dad was the last to know and went full “wow now I feel old my kids are all grown up mode.”

So October 13th 2014 at 11:00pm in front of the high school where we met the love of my life, my sailor, asked me to marry him.  

Eey Jordan! Just wanted to say congratulations on your engagement!

THANKS! I’m so happy. I mean we are waiting like 3 years but still… I’m Engaged!

We’ve been in the same place, for a long, long time. If our hearts go the wrong way, I still know you’re mine. Should we even try to fight it? If our love is trapped in all ways. I know that things have been rough, but when you’re by my side; it’s more than enough for us to make it through the test of time.

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